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Difference Between The HHA Sports 5000 and 5500 Series Optimizer Sights

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One of the most common questions we get at single pin sights.com is what is the difference between the 5000 and 5500 series sights from HHA? They are essentially the same except for one critical difference. The 5500 series sights have HHA’s exclusive mechanical rheostat system. This allows you to control the amount of light that hits the fiber optic on the sight. If you’re shooting on a bright day, simply cover more of the fiber optic with the metal sleeve. This prevents your pin from starbursting during bright conditions.

Optimizer Lite Ultra 5519

If you’re hunting the last few minutes of light, or during overcast conditions, you can open up the rheostat. The adjustment is infinite so you can set the rheostat wherever you would like. This is a very handy feature for archers and hunters who shoot in a wide variety of conditions and scenarios. HHA wraps a lot of fiber optic around their sites, as much as six feet depending on which sight you are using. This makes Optimizer sights the best archery sights for low light conditions. These low light conditions are typically the times you will see the most deer movement.

When hunting from inside the blind, light transmission is also incredibly important. I do a lot of ground blind hunting, especially for turkeys. Keeping the inside of the blind as dark as possible is vital to remain undetected. Having my sight transfer the maximum amount of light to my pin really helps when the moment of truth arrives. For those of you who may have some extra years in your eyes and really need the pins to pop, check out the HHA Sports Blue Burst Light. This light also has a rheostat that allows you to adjust how much light is added to the sight. Unlike most other sight lights on the market, it does not put any light inside the sight ring. The light directly hits the fiber optic on the outside of sight and the light is transferred to your pin. It’s an ingenious system designed by the crew at HHA Sports.

However, I don’t want my pin to be too bright during mid-day rut hunts from a tree stand in November. This is where the 5500 series Optimizer bow sights really come into play.

It’s important to note that the difference between the 5000 and 5500 Series Optimizer sights has nothing to do with the way the sight adjusts for distance. You can get the slider(Optimizer Lite) or the dial(Optimizer Lite Ultra) sight with a mechanical rheostat. You can also get the rheostat on a sight with the 1-3/4” housing or the 2” sight housing. The choices are nearly limitless and it’s almost like ordering a custom sight. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 715-781-5384.

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