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Optimizer Lite Cadet Bow Sight Review

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If you’re in search of the best archery sight for a kid, you’re definitely going to want to check out the Optimizer Lite Cadet from HHA Sports. The Optimizer Cadet is a single pin sight that removes the confusion of learning how to use a sight. When young archers are learning how to use a sight there are a lot of variables including getting them to find their anchor point, looking through a peep, and aligning their peep with a sight. Extra pins just add to the confusion. This will not only frustrate the young shooter but the mentor as well.

HHA Sports Optimizer Lite Cadet Sight

A lot of parents just pick up the cheapest sight they can buy and slap it on their child’s bow. These are often poorly made plastic sights built in China. The Optimizer Cadet is made one at a time by American machinists in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Every Optimizer Cadet is fully CNC machined from high grade aluminum. Instead of four or five inches of fiber optic found on cheap multi-pin sights, the Optimizer Cadet features a full three feet of high end fiber optic wrapped around the aperture for ultimate brightness.

HHA Sports uses the same ARMOR Pin technology found on their top end adult sights. ARMOR Pin fully encapsulates the fiber optic and protects it from even the harshest surroundings. It can handle anything the most rowdy ten year old can throw at it. Speaking of tough, HHA has you covered with a lifetime warranty on the Optimizer Lite Cadet and any of their other sights. This will be the last youth archery sight you’ll ever have to buy.

Youth and beginning archers are often confused by multiple pins. The Optimizer Lite Cadet has one pin that allows youngsters to better focus on their target. On most Optimizers the archer sets his or her aiming point by getting dialed in at both 20 and 60 yards, then using a numbered set of sight tapes to get the rest of their yardages. The Optimizer Lite Cadet uses a simpler system since most kids can’t and won’t be shooting all the way up to 60 yards.

The sight has a slide near the aperture with grid lines. Simply make your own marks at 10, 15, and 20 yards. The aperture can be moved up or down without tools so making adjustments is easy for kids and adults. If your young shooter is ready for a sight, start them off with a high quality single pin sight like the Optimizer Lite Cadet. It will make learning much easier for the archer and the mentor. The single pin will also help the young archer become more accurate quicker than ever before.

If you have any questions about the Cadet or any other HHA product, feel free to contact us by phone at 715-781-5384 or email at chris@a1archerystore.com.

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